Say goodbye to messy counter tops, it is an awesome home organiser. Crochet basket ByElys looks cool, original and unique. It is combination of traditional art with modern look. It is crocheted with easy style stich called single crochet and it is connected to a special wooden base.


Crochet basket is a perfect heart warming gift for birthdays, Christmas or for yourself.


What is the best use for the Crochet Basket ByElys?

Medium baskets around 6-8” can be used in bathrooms for storing your beauty products or in kitchens as food organizers for your pastry, fruit etc. Once a waterproof insert is applied, they can be used as decoration for your flowerpots.

Choose the right size which is perfect for your home and discover your favorite colour to make your home more cozy and warm. Bring good vibes to your home by using Crochet Basket ByElys.



Height: 8 Centimetres (2,5 inch)

Wooden base: 15 Centimetres (6 inch)



Original T-shirt yarn 7-9mm HOOKED ZPAGETTI

Wooden base: the wood is treated with varnish cover as protection against stains and water.

Logo is made from vegan leather



Combination of colours CREAM GREY PINK