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About me

Snowy Mountains

A Czech girl living in Canada


Dear customers,

my name is Eliska Bezstarosti, my nickname is Elys and I am a trained sport therapist specializing in coaching disabled athletes. I am fan of XC skiing and running. I live in lovely Whistler, British Columbia, Canada - the best place for outdoor activities you can imagine. 

My motivation to crochet by myself and to start a small business came when I moved to Whistler few year ago.  

I love cross-country skiing and ski touring and while doing these sports a warm cozy headband is always handy. Especially in Canada and just to let you know I am not a hat person. So I had looked for stylish and warm ones but could not find any, so I started making them myself.

First only as fashion statements for myself, but then my friends wanted some. And the friends of friends wanted some as gifts and that's how ByElys was born. 






Big thanks belongs to my awesome 85 years old grandmother, who taught me how to crochet when I was eight. In this time I was bad student in crocheting. I can't believe that now I am living 10 000 miles away from my original home and I have a small business in Canada with crochet designs.

Crocheting became a part of myself and it's my relaxing time after active day. 

I can't be more thankful to my grandmother, my crochet master, that she has shown me this unique craftsmanship. That's why I am trying to teach this technique others and be preserve this craftsmanship for next generations. 

When winter is gone I focus on handcrafted handbags made for your unique lifestyle and home decor as a crochet coffee and tea trays, placemats and all colours and shapes of crochet baskets.

Bring positive vibes into the space around you and say goodbye to a messy countertops,

it is an awesome home organiser.

All of the products are available in Whistler, Canada and you can find me at the local markets and events in Sea-to-Sky Corridor in British Columbia. For more information please sign up for our newsletter to receive more product's updates and exclusive offers.

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British Columbia, Canada

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